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Computer Navigation

Total Knee Replacement

Computer Navigation Knee Replacement

We, at Vidyasagar Hospital, use computer-assisted imaging to perform the surgery with the highest precision level. With the help of sophisticated computer imaging, there is little scope for manual error. And it aids perfect alignment of the implants and soft tissue. Prosthetics placed under the virtual guidance last longer. They are designed to provide greater stability and range of motion.

The surgical system uses advanced stereotactic camera and an infrared light source to locate the exact points in the knee for smoother replacement with no error. The movement of the bones and the instruments during the surgery is monitored by the infrared stereotactic camera.

The primary model of the surgical site is prepared and displayed on the monitor for the surgeon. Once the data is collected and assessed, the navigation system analyses the precise distances, angles and alignments to ensure better accuracy during the placement of the prostheses.

Computer assistance minimizes surgical intervention. With computer aided surgery:

  • The blood lost during the surgery is minimal, and the need for a blood transfusion is reduced
  • The recovery is faster
  • Post-operative physical rehabilitation is faster and smoother
  • There is less scarring
  • Knee replacement prostheses will last longer.

Any patient considering undergoing the total knee replacement should consider the benefits that the computer-assisted procedure brings along. It is especially beneficial for younger patients who want better results from their knee replacement surgery. This type of treatment is also recommended for patients with retained hardware from prior treatments like fixing fractures and other injuries. In computer-assisted technology, the surgeons can work around the retained hardware and avoid having to remove them.

Total knee replacement is one of the most rewarding of all orthopedic procedures. The success of total knee replacement depends on many factors, including prosthesis design, material, Surgical technique, including proper soft tissue balancing , component and limb alignment.

What Is Computer Navigation

Computer Navigation is the latest real time tool for performing total knee replacement. Navigation helps to reduce errors during surgery by providing real time visual information about the accuracy of the bone cuts, implant positioning, ligament balancing, and final alignment of the limb. Vidyasagar hospital is the first one to setup Computer Navigation Knee Replacement at Kadapa to bring the best technology to the doorsteps of the patients. Dr C Vidya Sagar Reddy has outstanding experience in using computer navigation technology to have 100% accuracy in Knee replacements.

How Does Computer Navigation Works?

The data captured by the cameras in the navigation system which generates a real time 3D model of the patient’s knee joint which are important for implant positioning which cannot be seen by human eye or any conventional instruments. Each step of the surgery is monitored real time to implant the knee with 100% accuracy.

Benefits Of Computer Navigation to The Patients

  • No scope for human errors
  • 100% implant alignment and balancing
  • Maximizes longevity of implant
  • Minimizes blood loss
  • Faster recovery and quick return to normal activities
  • Best tool for patients with previous implants in bones, severe deformities ,very obese / overweight patients.

How Can I Be sure that the Surgery Performed on me is with Computer Navigation?

At the end of surgery, the computer generates a surgery report which has details of all the real time images captured during various steps of surgery which will be preserved in hospital records

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