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What is ACL

ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is one of the key ligaments that give stability to a knee joint. It runs diagonally in the middle of the knee and controls the back and forth motion. It is a fibro collagenous tissue that connects the femur to the tibia. In other words, it holds the lower end of thigh bone and upper end of leg bone together.

What is ACL Tear

Certain sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and skiing that involve sudden stops and changes in direction can lead to tearing of ACL. When your ACL is torn, you will experience swelling, instability and pain. ACL is the most common knne ligament injury.

Who Needs ACL Reconstruction Surgery

You might have to consider undergoing an ACL reconstruction surgery if:

  • You are an athlete and have sustained injuries during your games
  • You have multiple torn ligaments around the knee
  • You have a torn meniscus
  • Your knees are buckling during normal activities

What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL reconstruction is a very commonly performed surgery. At Vidyasagar Hospital, we have orthopaedic surgeons who are specialists in sports medicine and perform ACL reconstruction as an arthroscopic procedure. In ACL reconstruction, the surgeon assesses the inflicted damage to the ligament and then removes the torn part, and replaces the same with a band of tissue. The graft tendon is often extracted from another part of the knee or from a deceased donor.

To prevent even a remote possibility of infection of the wounds, we perform the surgery in Laminar Operation Theatre where the air is bacteria free. Sockets and tunnels are often drilled into the shinbone or the thighbone of the patient to ensure proper placement of the graft into the bones. A PTB (Patellar tendon bone) or Hamstrings ( semitendinosis or gracilis) muscle are used as the graft. Titanium screws, bio absorbable screws, endo button, or a tight rope is used to fix the graft.

The ACL reconstruction procedure, from end to end is performed under the guidance of our high end arthroscope system, and hence the results were deliver are exceptional.

  • It is a Key hole surgery.
  • There is Lesser scar and faster recovery.

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