Shoulder Surgery

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Shoulder Surgery

A shoulder surgery is performed to repair a damaged, degenerated or diseased shoulder joint. It is the treatment for a variety of shoulder-related conditions like rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations. The goal of a shoulder surgery is to restore the function of the shoulder joint and provide relief from pain.

Types of Shoulder Surgery

Subacromial Decompression Surgery

Subacromial decompression is an anthroscopic surgery performed to correct impingement syndrome. The goal of this procedure is to create enough space for the tendons to glide without getting compressed into the bone. The surgeon achieves this by removing bursa or some part of the bone and tissue from the underside of acromion using arthroscopic instruments.

SLAP Tear Repair Surgery

SLAP tear can also be repaired through arthroscopic techniques. The surgeon will remove the ton portion of the labrum, trim the tear, and stitch the tear together using arthroscopy and other special tools inserted into the shoulder joint through small incisions.

Shoulder Dislocation Surgey

The goal of a shoulder dislocation surgery is to repair the soft tissues that hold the joint in place. This includes tightening the torn or stretched tendons or ligaments. Sometimes the torn labrum and the ring of cartilage around the shoulder socket are also repaired. In severe cases the surgeon might have to fix the damage to the bones in the joint too.

There are different types of shoulder dislocation surgeries – bankart repair, capsular shift, remplissage procedure, latarjet procedure, and shoulder replacement. The surgeon will consider factors like direction of the dislocation, dislocation injuries in the shoulder, age, and health of the patient to decide the best treatment option.

Acromioclavicular Joint Repair Surgery

A damage AC joint can lead to progressive damage to the ligaments that connect the clavicle to the shoulder blade. In acute cases, an AC joint fracture leaders to shoulder separation. During an AC joint repair surgery the surgeon removes the damaged end of the clavicle bone or restores the position of the clavicle. The damaged ligaments surrounding the joint are fixed using pins, plates, screws or sutures.

Fractured Arm Bone

The orthopedist will determine the best treatment option for a broken arm based on the type of fracture, its location and severity. He will use fixation devices such as wires, plates, screws to hold the bones in place during healing.

Frozen Shoulder Surgery

An orthopedist performs a frozen shoulder surgery to loosen the contracted tissue and allow the shoulder to move more freely. The capsule around the ball of the shoulder is cut to make space inside the joint.

Rotator cuff Repair Surgery

The Rotator cuff repair surgery includes options such as open repair, an all-anthroscopic repair and a mini-open repair. These methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, the goal of all these surgical options is to get the tendon heal back to normal. This is achieved by removing the bone spurs below the acromion. The rotator cuff tendon is then re-attached to the humerus tubercle with sutures.

Bicep Tendinitis Surgery

In the bicep tendinitis surgery, the damaged section of the biceps is removed and the remaining tendon is attached back to the humerus (upper arm bone). Most of the Bicep Tendinitis surgeries are done arthoscopically. The patients will regain mobility and can move their arms without pain after surgery.

Shoulder replacement Surgery

In the shoulder replacement surgery, the damaged shoulder parts are replaced by artificial parts called prosthesis. There are two options of replacement namely replacement of head of the humerus bone (only ball) and replacement of ball and the socket (glenoid).

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries

At Vidyasagar Hospital, we perform shoulder surgeries using the arthroscopic technique. Our orthopedic surgeons are not only experts in using the arthroscopic instruments and performing arthroscopic surgeons, but are specialists in performing arthroscopic shoulder surgeries.

In cases of shoulder conditions like rotator cuff repair, impingment syndrome, deteriorating cartilage, tendonitis and shoulder instability, we opt to perform the surgery using the arthroscopic technique.

Complex injuries or excessive damages to the tissues or ligaments require open surgery.

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