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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

In a total hip replacement, the damaged bone along with the cartilage is replaced with prosthetic components. The selection of anaesthesia is based on preference of patient, surgeon, and anaesthesiologist. Spinal blocks, epidural blocks and peripheral nerve blocks are the most frequently considered options. At Vidyasagar Hospital, to speed up patient recovery and reduce the risk of possible side effects, we implement fast-track anesthesia technique.

In keeping with our commitment to provide the best outcomes and experience to our patients, we have equipped out hospital with state-of-the-art laminar airflow operation theatres. Any risk of infections of operation wounds is mitigated, thanks to the continuous flow of highly filtered ultraclean air in these OTs.

Further, a multi-disciplinary team of doctors and surgeons, including an orthopedic surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, a diabetologist, a cardiologist, and a physical therapist work together so that there is scope left for errors and to deliver high-quality care.

During the procedure, the surgeon accesses the damaged or diseased bone or hip joint and removes the same. The healthy bone in the surrounding region is left intact. After the removal of the damaged hip joint, a prosthetic socket is implanted into the pelvic bone to replace the damaged socket. The round ball on the top of the femur is then replaced with the prosthesis to strengthen the structure and ensure successful completion of the surgery. Once the prosthesis is placed in, the incision is sutured back.

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